Valentine Decoration in the Office

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Although Valentine’s Day is not so widely celebrated like Christmas for example, you can still enjoy the holiday and even decorate your office accordingly. If you work in a conservative company, maybe the only thing that you will be allowed to use is several cut out hearts and nothing more.

But if your company is more liberal and creative maybe you will have the opportunity to use your imagination and create a festive atmosphere in the office. Ask your colleagues to join you and decorate together – this will be a great team building activity.

Candies and Hearts

These are the most popular type of office decoration for Valentine’s Day – it’s simple and can still keep the business atmosphere of the workplace. You can cut out hearts in different sizes and materials. If you don’t have pink or red paper nearby, you can always improvise with some old sheets of paper, which need to be recycled. With these hearts you can make a garland, a wreath or simply glue them to walls, doors, desks and boards.

If your boss is against the Valentines decoration, he surely won’t mind a bowl full of candies. You can buy chocolates, sugar hearts, cookies and whatever sweet things, which are somehow connected with Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Cards

If you want to surprise your colleagues and bring a smile on their faces, you can create or buy a Valentine card for each one of them. Make sure that you don’t forget anyone, because he or she will feel left out.

Another option is to buy a beautiful flower for every co-worker. Choose bright colours like red, pink or yellow, which will instantly brighten up the office.

Love Display

A really great idea is to gather all of your colleagues and together make a love display. This can be a pin board, where you put photos of all the people and things you love, whether it is a significant one, the family, a friend, a pet, a favourite place, a valuable item and so on. In this way even the single people will be able to enjoy the holiday, without feeling alone.

Decorate with Humour

If your boss is a friendly person, who likes jokes, then maybe you can surprise him or her. Using photo editing software, put his or her head on the body of Cupid and then print it in real size. You can place it near the entrance of the office, so all the employees will be greeted by the figure.

I hope you like these four ideas for Valentines decoration in the office and implement at least one of them. Make sure to have the office cleaned by professional London commercial cleaners, before you start decorating.

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